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Minnesota State Adult Diploma

Hiawatha Valley Adult Education (HVAE) is participating in the State High School Diploma program which is designed for adults who would like to earn a Minnesota State High School Diploma as an alternative to getting a GED. 

State Adult Diploma

Minnesota’s state adult high school diploma is a standard competency-based diploma that is issued by the Minnesota Department of Education for adults that complete an approved ABE program.


Aligning to Minnesota’s Educational Standards

Competencies for the Minnesota State Adult Diploma are based on Minnesota’s current K-12 graduation standards and embed:

  • College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) for Adult Education

  • Academic, Career and Employability Skills (ACES) and

  • Northstar Digital Literacy Standards


Minnesota State Adult Diploma Competency Domains

  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Social Studies

  • Science

  • Career Development and Employability Skills, including Digital Literacy Skills


Adult diploma students may successfully complete each competency through one of the following ways:

  • Prior Experience-Based Competency Verification (K-12, post-secondary or other experiences)

  • Test-Verified Knowledge (approved standardized assessment for high schools, secondary credentials, ABE programs and/or post-secondary entrance exams)

  • ABE Course Completion (classes that combine academic, college and career content, like special adult diploma classes, GED preparation, Accuplacer classes, college readiness classes, subject-specific classes, etc.)

  • Applied and Experiential Learning 


Steps to completing the Adult Diploma Program

1. Initial Advising Session: student will need their high school transcript for the initial meeting:     

  • Identify student goals

  • Assess student skills and experience to determine what competencies that may already be complete for the transcript based on prior learning competency verification

  • Identify potential career pathway(s) and needs using career and post-secondary preparation assessments, similar to assessments used in Minnesota’s K-12 system

  • Develop an individualized learning plan based on the student’ identified goals and skills


2. Instruction and Evaluation

  • Implement individualized learning plan based on instruction and preparation on the competency domains

  • Post-test learners using approved assessments for Minnesota’s ABE programming

  • Track progress towards diploma and goals

  • Update and adapt individualized learning plan

  • Provide additional support services


3. Graduating Advising Session

  • Evaluate students’ work in Adult Diploma Program to ensure completion of necessary competencies

  • Create transitions plan to students’ future goals

  • Adult students demonstrate their skills



HVAE has had 11 students who have completed their Minnesota State Adult Diploma in the last three years, are you next?  Fill out our registration form and get started today!

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