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Graduation Equivalent Diploma (GED) Test Preparation


In Minnesota, individuals who do not have a high school diploma are able to earn a State of Minnesota GED Diploma by passing the GED Test. The four tests of the GED measure academic competencies similar to what is required of a Minnesota high school graduate.  The four content areas are: 

  • Reasoning through Language Arts

  • Mathematical Reasoning

  • Science 

  • Social Studies


Free classes are offered through HVAE to prepare for the GED test.  Students achieve their learning goals at their own pace through computer assisted learning and one-on-one instruction.  Our classes are free but there is a cost for taking the GED Ready and GED tests ($120 for all 4 tests).  HVAE offers scholarships to help pay for the costs of these tests.

The GED test measures high school equivalency and provides information about a test-taker’s college and career readiness. The test focuses on measuring higher level critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and is the only test fully aligned to state and national college and career readiness standards. The GED test is an online test that is taken at an official GED test center. 

Additional GED Information


To Register for a Test

 GED testing is done at an official GED testing facility.  Students register online at

GED Ready

GED Ready tests are practice GED tests that students can take to see if they are ready to take the GED test.  The tests are like a short GED test and students will receive a score indicating if they are likely to pass the GED test.  Students that are enrolled in HVAE can apply for a scholarship to take the GED Ready tests for free - must be working with the instructors.  

More information is at


Age Waiver
If you are 17 or 18 years old and your high school class has not graduated, you will need an AGE WAIVER.  You can obtain this age waiver by passing official practice tests.  Click on the link below to download the waiver form.  The waiver must also be signed by your legal guardian and will take approximately two weeks to receive.

GED Age Waiver Form

GED Classes

Classes are offered through HVAE to prepare for the GED test. Call 651-385-4656 for information or click link below to fill out a registration form (located on main page) and the navigator will contact you.

Requesting GED Transcripts or Duplicate Diplomas
Transcripts from the GED test can be requested from the Minnesota Department of Education.  Click on the link below to download a copy of this form.  Students should use this form to send the GED transcript to colleges when in the college application process.  There is no cost for requesting the transcripts.

MDE GED Transcript Request Website

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