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Paraprofessional Test Prep

HVAE has two options for helping students prepare for the paraprofessional test.  People who want to work as a Title I paraprofessional in Minnesota need a two year degree or a passing score on the test.  Click on the link below for more information.  Currently, the test is free for Minnesota residents.

Minnesota Department of Education Paraprofessional Information Webpage

Option 1 - Online

Students can work online using our Paraprofessional test prep website.  Students will work individually with the assistance of a teacher.  This class will cover reading, math and writing skills needed to pass the paraprofessional test.

Option 2 - Online Synchronous

Students attend class online at a specific time with a teacher and other classmates from around the SE MN region.  This class covers reading, math and writing as well as job requirements and work readiness.  The next class will be starting in January - there are two options, a morning class and an evening class.

Parapro class flyer

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