Volunteering for HVAE

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at HVAE!!  We look forward to working with you!  To ensure that the volunteer placement is the best experience for both the volunteer and the class participants, the process to becoming a volunteer is outlined below.

Step-by-Step to a New Volunteer


  1. Volunteer fills out application.


  2. A meeting is set up between the volunteer and director of HVAE

        a. conduct interview

        b. review position description

        c. discuss expectations/responsibilities for both HVAE and volunteer

        d. set up volunteer schedule

        e. volunteer signs the following forms

             1. Volunteer Assignment Agreement

             2. Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities

             3. Volunteer Conduct Agreement


   3. Volunteer reviews Volunteer handbook before first class

   4. Volunteer completes online volunteer training during the first month of volunteer assignment.        Login information will be sent via email.



2451 Eagle Ridge Dr.  Red Wing, MN 55066


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